Editorial Design & Art Direction


Festworld Magazine


June 2020


Art Director

A Music Festival Lifestyle Magazine

Editorial Design & Art Direction

Festworld Magazine was created to give its audience a deep-dive into the music festival scene to showcase the lifestyle that surrounds it. So many lives are part of the festival culture and this magazine was dedicated to gathering the ins and outs, curating all the best tips and tricks to have the experience of a lifetime, and what to expect.

My job was to help Festworld tweak their identity and develop a magazine that captures the entire festival ethos, while maintaining the personality of them all across the globe.

My approach needed to be comprehensive, cohesive, and eye-catching from on the shelf to to the customer’s hands and everything in between.


To clarify the brand’s identity and develop a magazine that embodied the universal life, culture, and experience that you can find at a music festival. In addition to the macro tasks, I was also responsible for coordinating between the CEO, writers, social team, and printing company to ensure deadlines were met, quality was at its best, and the magazine production went smoothly without any major setbacks or issues.


I helped Festworld focus their identity and develop an eye-catching magazine. This led to a purchase of the magazine by a major music blog which brought the next issue into the digital platform bringing in a new market for digital subscribers.

A Music Festival Lifestyle Magazine

I wanted to help FW create a magazine that didn’t fit the mold of the traditional magazine. Being the first magazine on the music festival scene, I focused on bringing the unique experience of attending the festival itself into each editorial to further capture the soul of the festival and transport the reader to a fully immersed rendition of the experience.