Tier 2 Pre-Roll




September 2022


CD / Designer

Volvo Tier 2 Advertising

The task was to create a short pre-roll ad for Volvo to offer to their dealer partners on a quarterly basis across all regions.

We wanted to explore the feelings you get when you shop with a brand that aligns so closely with your ideas. There is an overload of feelings the consumer gets when they feel heard. That feeling can propel a brand into quite the spotlight.

For this, we distilled down the feelings of excitement, euphoria, confidence, curiosity, and a sense of equilibrium into different shots of running footage, motion graphics, and editing techniques.

By knowing the positions they were solving some vital issues for, our creative team was able to develop user personas and combine it with our previous b2b automotive industry expertise.

We were able to capture a unique approach in two eye-catching ads.